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When I worked as  a labor and delivery nurse, I met a lot of women from many different backgrounds. So many times these women would hug me and thank me for getting them through their labor. I would always thank them for letting me be a part of their special day. I gave them hope and encouragement. Hope for a new beginning with their new baby. Many of these women were teen mothers. I wonder where these women are in their lives today. I gave them special gifts. I  gave them the gift of encouragement. I would encourage all of the teen mothers I took care of to go back to school. Education is the foundation for  a strong future for both the young teen and the baby she is raising. The key is……Does the young teen have a family who will support her? Many of these girls need strong mentors in their lives. There needs to be more programs set up for this. Once a teen mother has gone back to her old ways of thinking, she is at risk for having another baby. What will prevent this from happening? I would have to call it….. educate, prevent, empower. We need to educate young teens before they even are sexually active. Communication is the key. Parents need to tell their girls about the facts of life. The biggest fact is this. A young teen father will not be around forever. He will feel held down by his new responsibilities. Parenthood is a big responsibility. Teenage boys are not ready for the responsibilities of being a father. Teenage girls are not ready for being a mother but they are learning fast……Being a mother is not that easy.


This was written 10/13/09. Times have not changed and teen pregnancy will always be.

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